Our client engagement model features a structured approach to "re-imagine" your existing business commercial model and see how it can positively change your prospect's views about your organization's services and products.

The strategic vision includes an outreach to your sales, marketing, voice-of-customers, and vendors to understand gaps and synchronization issues with the overall direction of the organization.

We bring in industry experts (specific to your industry) to get an objective view. We have proven-framework that was developed over the course of several years. In the past case studies, we were able to drive the consolidation of various fragmented product groups under one selling model, which eventually resulted in major reorganization and consolidation that doubled outcomes in less than two years.

Conversation Modelling

Not all customers are the same and so is your sales force. We have developed a unique methodology for modeling conversation with your customers that is based on customer and rep types (experience, needs, skill, ability, and scope of work). ProInteract is intelligently designed to ensure the type of decision influence made by each of the company's representation is matched with unique customer stakeholder profile. ProInteract is a unique, one of a kind customer engagement platform specifically built for the rigors within the Commercial phase of every industry including Medical Devices, Healthcare, Pharma and eCommerce.



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