Our client engagement model features a structured design for engaging clients customer’s needs and interests first and foremost.

We help organization’s leaders build its strategy and understand how they can best engage with their clients.

Our model is developed from the client life cycle which demonstrates the process of initiating engagement and maintaining a long-lasting relationship with clients.

Conversation Modelling

ProInteract is a unique, one of a kind customer engagement platform specifically built for the rigors within the Commercial phase of every industry including Medical Devices, Healthcare, Pharma and eCommerce.

The platform is cloud-based with global reach so changes within the platform can be deployed in real-time to ensure your Users have what they need when they need it. Content can be curated in any manner desired to allow for a highly customized and personalized UX (user experience) experience through the User Dashboard view.

Traditional customer surveys will stay in marketing or happen haphazardly throughout the organization, but a closed-loop program is aimed at long-term improvements. Because of this customer-centric mindset, a closed-loop feedback will seek to ultimately solve the internal issues that are causing customer problems in the first place. This isn’t about tracking; it’s about transformation.



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