What is ProInteract

Customer Conversation Engagement & Messaging Alignment.

ProInteract is a customer engagement platform mainly designed for many of the sales representatives to help them carry all the required information in just one application for better engagement and customer experience.

The rep doesn’t have to switch between files and folders, instead, can just take one device consisting of huge amount of essential data which can build and create a profitable conversation.

The user can access all the data within just ONE app which consists of various anatomical images for the customer to actually feel what the product does. The 360° viewer enables the customer to view the product virtually on the iPad, to make the presentations more interactive. We also have other tools such as interactive and customized presentations where the user can create a presentation by himself with the available slides for an effective conversation.

The other amazing feature to this is the C-Suite where this is for the Marketing Heads or the Business Heads where they can view the analytics or the market trends of a particular product and how people are accepting it, to ascertain market & financial viability.

We’re consciously working towards improving and introducing new enablement features which will prove as a solution for both the reps and market leaders to become more productive.

Enable Sales: Deliver Customer value proposition that is relevant to your business, clinical, non-clinical and c-suite stake holders.



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