With innovative technology, strategy, and smart content, our client engagement model is a structured design for engaging your clients focusing on their wants, needs, and interests above and beyond its own.

Customer engagement experience for
medical devices companies: making the invisible, visible.

With the advancements of connected devices and services, ProInteract as an eDetailing tool be- comes an even more important part of your cus- tomer engagement and sales enablement pro- cess. It can help you visualize the illumination of what sales elements will make an impact by your new product or service and identify critical pro- cesses for your sales success.

ProInteract helps you make the invisible, visible by enabling your organization to map ecosystems and customer journeys.

All-in-one solution for dental industry leaders.

For your dental practice to be successful, ProInteract helps you to set goals and make an action plan to map your customer journeys with efficient customer engagement with intelligent conversations. The smart presentation with smart content helps you put across your dental services aligned with your business objectives to have efficient customer engagement. Be it the Invisalign, LANAP or dental implants, to make your patients understand the impact and efficiency of your dental procedural services, ProInteract helps in initiating an intuitive conversation with your patients to make them understand the benefits of your services which help in increasing your patients reach.

Customize your dental services selling strategies with our customizable branding experience. Your digital assets are transformed into intelligent collateral for better sales enablement with eProSoft.

Uniformly equipping your cosmetics field sales reps with proven sales enablement tool with ProInteract

With so much B2C (business to customers) and B2B (business to business) commerce now taking place online, sales enablement methodologies have rapidly gained momentum in collecting, organizing and activating analytical data for your field sales reps. The analytical insights provided by ProInteract around buyer preferences, pain points, and personas help your field sales team reach prospects with a more tailored customer engagement pathways for better sales enablement.

ProInteract enables the optimal use of supporting content in the sales process & enablement equation by enabling your sales team to share with your prospects and leads the right materials at the right time. Customizable branding helps your organization to stand out while having interactive conversations with your prospective customers.

Empower your customer relationship managers with smart content and productivity tool to drive clients
with best-in-class experience while adhering to retention and revenue.

ProInteract helps your relationship managers equip with the right content and learning at the right time. With ProInteract you can manage and centralize all of your smart sales content and customer-facing digital collaterals with ease by segmenting it through industry, market size, geography and more. Your team will have what they need to enable their best customer conversations every time.

Showcasing outdated funds or down-trending financial instruments can be costly, hence, it is very important to have a centralized eDetailing platform like ProInteract that allows your sales and marketing team, content owners, and subject matter experts to simulate and update content anytime and reflect these changes across your organization.

Increase the effectiveness your field sales reps by having intelligent conversations with your customers.

Managing the pharma field sales force has always been challenging as they are spread out geographically preventing them from on-site face-to-face interactive activities. ProInteract, as an efficient eDetailing tool, can help your field sales team achieve their primary goal of educating physicians and HCPs, by getting frequent training and constantly updated information on products, industry news and regulatory changes.

ProInteract helps in effective sales enablement through planning and commitment, and increase productivity, improve onboarding and drive revenue. As an eDetailing tool, ProInteract becomes an even more important part of your customer engagement and sales enablement process with engaging smart content in the right time making an impact on new product or service launch and identify critical processes for your sales success.

Reinvent your go-to-market strategy with a more responsive and competitive marketplace

ProInteract empowers your field sales team to understand your customers' needs and enables you to make a compelling conversation for efficient customer engagement and sale enablement strategies to reduce costs and increase revenue. ProInteract helps in providing personalized product and service training through a virtual learning platform to enable your field sales team to have interactive and intelligent conversations with your prospective customers. It helps in becoming collaborative, scalable, and knowledgeable and leading conversations and engage customers with relevant, personalized and compliant content.

ProInteract helps in aligning your smart content with the customer journey to create a cohesive selling experience. With its intuitive tool - Interactive Book - initiate the seamless launch of new products, improving messaging and differentiation to speeding up sales cycles. It empowers your content to be compliant to ensure that the right content is used for the right representation of your products and services. ProInteract helps you make the invisible, visible by enabling your organization to map ecosystems and customer journeys.

Empowering sales associates for better in-store service

It will be very critical if your associate in a store isn’t prepared for a customer interaction and neither has the ability to answer any of your customer's questions and lead to a quick way to lose customer’s business. ProInteract will help you bring your sales workforce up to speed fast allow them to begin selling productively in a shorter amount of time across your B2C (Business to Customer) & B2B (Business to Business) spectrum.

ProInteract helps on onboarding your sales team with the necessary collaterals needed for your sales and marketing. It helps your team to enable productive sales with customer engagement through new products and services launch and be adaptive with agile changes. ProInteract provides analytical information which will help your sales team to analyze buying preferences and style to help connect your customers with certain products within the store, and even hook them up with an on-going promotion or sale.

In order to stay ahead of the competition and constantly be able to adapt to the changing retail and eCommerce industry, ProInteract will help you achieve overall success by empowering them with tools and information for having efficient and intelligent conversations with your customers for better sales enablement.


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