ProInteract™ v5.0 Launch

All new ProInteract™ 5.0 includes many innovations and smart features geared to meet challenging times of 2020. Our goal for this version is to meet following new business challenges to enable Sales Team:

Remote access

Virtual Meetings Remote access and enable virtual client meetings via WebEx, Zoom and other remote meeting solutions with clear audio, video and screensharing using phones, PCs and tablets.


Pay-as-You-Go SaaS Model Relieve downward financial pressures of emerging markets by offering tiered cost structures and zero start-up costs and pay-as-you-go SaaS models.

Deployment process

Smart eForms (Go Paperless) Go Paperless using eForms – Enable your sales reps to use paperless forms to manage customer paperwork, orders, feedback, consents, registrations, sample requests and much more. Initiate 'Paperless Customer Interactions' with our eForms by enabling powerful forms, automate workflows, streamlining document generation, eSignatures and much more.

Deployment process

Rapid Field Deployments Get your sales and marketing team up and running under 1-hr using our rapid deployment process and standardized templates.

Content size Optimization

BYOD Optimization - Be ready anytime, anywhere Enable users own phone or tablet devices using our intelligent content size optimization algorithms.


Customizable Dashboards One size does not fit all, use many dashboards that are available to suit your own organization, for quick on in-time access to information.

Conversational Model

ProInteract University (SLD) Introducing ProInteract™ University! – “The Sales Learning and Development” module. Empower your tenured and novice reps alike to have intelligent customer conversations using ProInteract™ smart content and conversation models.

API Integration

AI Enabled Smart Conversations Seamlessly integrate and customize user interface using our advanced but easy to use integration technologies (APIs and SDKs). Use ProInteract™ workbench to create your own conversation flows for your products and services.

Approved Content

Pitch - Create your own customer stories Sales can use approved content to create personalized customer stories using “Pitch” feature. Create your own customer stories on the fly.

Ratings & Comments

Ratings & Comments Introducing smart-content – Make your content “smart” using field-users generated content tags, that aids the artificial intelligent content recommendations engine. Field users will tag content with likes, ratings and comments, based on its relevance. ProInteract™ uses this information to aid field sales in enabling smart customer conversations. Marketers can use smart content to obtain real-time feedback and determine content’s adoption and success in the field.

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