4.0 Features List

The only Proven SaaS based commercial platform engaging customers with better data and deeper insights with personalized & adept ‘Customer Journeys’ for Life Sciences & Healthcare Industries.

(Bring Your Own Device)
Empower your workforce with the power of mobility.

ProInteract 4.0 is designed to enhance employee productivity without compromising on corporate security to ensure that your organization has state of the art technology at its disposal for no cost; boosting productivity and remain competitive, but not affect the yearly budget in any way.

Basic & Advanced Branding
Establish Brand Identity and standout against competition

Find flexibility in user login options such as Username/Password, OTP or Single Sign On.

ODD:(On Demand Download)

Turn On/Off ODD flag for Online/Offline view and save space on device.

User can choose to view the content offline.

MDU: (Multi Device User Sync)

Sync Your Accounts and Preferences across Multiple Devices

Email Templates

User can send email using different custom email templates created by Admin

Log in type (SSO & Username & Password)

Find flexibility in user login options such as Username/Password, OTP or Single Sign On.

Product Plus

Market Leaders can define and map new and existing product offerings

Self Registration

Allowing user to create own user profile to access the user experience(s) with out depending on Admins.

Recursive Publish/Unpublish

Admin can publish and unpublish the content recursively so that all the assets under each library can be published/unpublished in single click.

Bulk Updates & Delete

Enhances the capability for the administrator to Update or Remove the Content in single-click by multi-selecting the files and clicking on Update/Delete button.

Content Library & Grouping

Sales playbooks that are tied to buyer personas and which are role based controlled.

All the Libraries (Collections, File Repository, Presentations , Product Plus) are grouped and all the collections can be viewed under collections library

Drag & Drop Files

The administrators will have the flexibility to Drag & Drop files from any where into the libraries.

Feature ON/OFF

Ability to Turn ON/OFF features from X-Store to manage the features on the Application.

Login type

capability to Login with Office 365 account as well as using Username & Password depending on the Login type set/ configured by the organization administrator