Chatbots in Your Organization?

Mar 02, 2017


Chatbots in Your Organization?

With increasing attention being given to artificial intelligence, AI bots or chatbots are becoming a more viable option within enterprise support settings and for retailers and brands who offer digital customer care.

When to Consider Chatbots

Essentially, chatbots are a supplement to, or substitute for, human interaction, usually via digital conversation, through chat, text, email and social media channels. The roles of the chatbot include live interaction (delivering information and answering questions), proactive alerts (delivering reminders), and task completion (executing automated back office transactions).

Some of the best uses for chatbots are in the retail or brand sector, where a chatbot can automatically handle consumer inquiries, or within enterprises, for help-desk or administrative tasks.

Optimizing Your Interactions

Chatbots can sometimes be met with resistance by the end user. In some instances, the user wants to or needs to talk a real person, so you need to proceed cautiously when implementing a chatbot to make sure consumer or employee satisfaction is not compromised.

Some best practices to ensure success include:

  1. Chatbot solution implementation to be built on a natural language platform that utilizes machine learning to get smarter and more accurate over time.
  2. Be transparent to the end user that they are interacting with a chatbot and offer the opportunity to escalate the issue to a live agent.
  3. Ensure the bot can escalate to a live agent who can review the transcript of a chatbot interaction for a seamless transition.
  4. Implement text and sentiment analysis within a chatbot so that the bot can determine when it is necessary to move the interaction to a live agent.
  5. Chatbot should be customized to recognize and take action following specific triggers.
  6. The tone of the chatbot should reflect your brand or organization’s voice, whether friendly or formal.


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