Turn customer intelligence into competitive advantage

Sep 2016


The customer revolution has changed the way companies interact with customers. In fact, no industry is immune‰ – even nonprofits. That‰’s why both for-profit and nonprofit organizations need to listen to customers/donors.

Just like many customer engagement platform, ProInteract is dealing with key shifts that have led to increased competition and the need for more personalized marketing. Despite the many challenges, ProInteract thrives because it has found the key to better customer engagement by elevating the role of customer intelligence in the enterprise. By approaching insight more strategically, companies can tap into the voice of the customer for competitive advantage.

Here are four ways customer intelligence can drive business insight:

1) Insight team a true business partner.

Typically, customer intelligence resides in the insight research team, which often sits in a silo in the organization. But, our insight team works closely with the rest of the organization to achieve strategic goals. The team challenges and helps other departments to apply data-driven insight into what they do throught their tactical advice.

2) Produce insight rather than data.

Research teams typically deliver static, outdated data. But instead of delivering bulky reports, the insight team should be empowered to deliver evidence-based recommendations. The insight team should be more than just number crunchers. Insight teams can become a source of strategic insight by being more proactive.

3) Provide a holistic view.

Insight team has implemented an approach that captures a more complete picture that takes into account the external landscape.


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