5 Ways to Kick Customer Engagement Solutions into High Gear

April 10, 2017


5 Ways to Kick Customer Engagement
Solutions into High Gear

For several years now, ProInteract has been laser focused on customer engagement solutions that help marketers advance and thrive. Why? Because all the conversations with marketers and the research done, ProInteract has has led to the conclusion that a majority of marketing departments continue to struggle to kick their customer engagement strategies into high gear.

A study which ProInteract commissioned from various consulting, surveying senior marketers to how well they thought they were advancing their customer engagement initiatives, validated this theory. Only 50% of marketers stated they were doing well with advancing customer engagement, delivering personalized customer experiences across multiple channels and devices.

A number of obstacles were repeatedly mentioned by those challenged to deliver exceptional and consistent personalized customer experiences. The most common obstacles included no cohesive strategy or approach, inability to generate customer intelligence, and lack of operational agility to execute effectively.

There are 5 key ways to begin to break down these obstacles and kick customer engagement into high gear.

1) Centralize Your Data For Marketing Use

When data systems and analytics are siloed by channel, it is impossible to get a clear read on customer behavior. All relevant customer data, both online and offline, must come together in a single repository. Centralized data hubs provide easier access to data, which can be used for customer insights, personalized communications and marketing performance measurement.

2) Think Holistically With A Lifecycle Approach

Consider lifecycle as a foundational strategy for customer engagement. The customer lifecycle provides a relationship focus, from first to last touch, as customers traverse the path of discovering, evaluating, purchasing, becoming and staying loyal.

3) Invest in a Cross Channel Engagement Platform

New technologies, such as Cross Channel Engagement Platforms provide the agility and support marketing needs to:

  • Seamlessly execute across multiple channels
  • Deliver personalization at scale
  • Efficiently measure performance and continuously optimize

4) Get Traction With Customer Journey Design and Execution

Most advanced customer engagement platforms enable the design and execution of customer journeys. Customer journey design allows marketers to craft meaningful customer interactions at important touch-points along the customer’s path as he/she interacts with the brand, through a range of channels, along and within, the customer life-cycle.

5) Elevate Your Journey Design with Journey Analytics

Customer engagement platforms enable marketers to tactically execute and automate multiple messages to customers within a single journey. Analytics provide insight into customer behaviors and motivations, which enable the creation of more meaningful journey interactions and also identify any bottlenecks in the customer experience, allowing marketers to make effective adjustments to the journey design.


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