4 Reasons Why Personalized Interactive Viewers is The Future of Customer Engagement

Aug 25, 2017


It’s important for businesses to focus on creating a real interactive personalised dialogue with their customers – wherever, whenever and however they’re ready to listen and respond. These communications need to be convenient, accessible and easy for everyone to understand. It’s a customer engagement experience that’s demanded.

So, how can businesses ensure that they’re meeting their customer’s constantly changing needs?

With the spotlight on interactive video, businesses have a real opportunity here to leverage an increasingly popular channel while also streamlining their operations, meeting customer demand and delivering a better customer experience.

PIVs (Personalized Interactive Viewers) allow companies to use customer data to provide the consumer with a chance to “self-serve” in a personalised and interactive way, which can help businesses lower customer service costs and increase customer satisfaction, among many other benefits.

Here are four other reasons why organisations can benefit from PIV opportunities:

1. Streamline processes

What businesses may not realize is that PIVs can be easily integrated with a multi-channel communications strategy and technology. As such, they can be used to better streamline processes across the organization, like helping to create easy-to-understand personalized interactive viewers.

2. Personalize the experience

If you’re not personalizing your customer’s experience, you’re missing out on opportunities to truly engage with them. PIVs allow businesses to instantly deliver highly-personalized consistent interactive presentations that are uniquely designed for each viewer.

3. Empower sales teams

The customers aren’t the only ones who will benefit – your internal sales team will as well. PIVs can help to accelerate their sales process and empower the sales teams by allowing for simple, automated lead qualification.

4. Entertain the customers

Customers are constantly inundated by channels competing for their attention. And guess what? The most entertaining one wins. PIVs allow you to customize your customer’s experience and thus, entertain them by keeping them more engaged.

Businesses are beginning to understand the power that Interactive Presentations can bring to their organizations. Not only will the approach help lower customer engagement costs, it will ultimately allow your internal operations to run more smoothly and efficiently.


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