Marketing Sales Integration

The sales enablement platform, ProInteract helps customers on head-off attrition and solidifying customer engagement by tapping on deep and meaningful customer insights for having a better understanding of their entire customer journey. Many leaders fail to showcase the productivity in bringing the value in sales enablement resulting in many customer-engagements to stall. The customer engagement device feature enables you to customize a business-use case that can help fund them, secure buy-in, and build momentum.

ProInteract is an eDetailing tool that helps your field sales reps engage your customers by refining and defining the conversation model needed at given a sales pitch while having a conversation with your prospective customers. Our eDetailing tool ensures that the conversation pathways always be customer-centric offering simple and sequential flow of your conversation pathways to engage your customers to follow and understand your products and service offerings.

ProInteract can help your field sales and marketing team access to all the approved digital collaterals they need to make interactive conversation for efficient customer engagement and sales enablement. This eDetailing tool can provide your field sales reps everything they need– whether detail aids, product literature, reference documents, competitive analysis sheet or even GDPR consent forms–to engage HCPs or surgeons, both online and off. The versioning feature ensures that your field sales reps always have the latest compliant assets which are approved by your organization and other regulatory authorities.


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