Collateral Creatioin and Managment

We at ProInteract have developed a cloud-based Digital Collateral Solutions that enable the centralization of images

Marketing collateral and other digital assets from multiple sources and for multiple uses. We provide structured control over digital collaterals to help organizations adhere to stricter regulations that exist in the healthcare industry.

To resolve our client’s needs and challenges, we developed a global cloud-based solution which is a smart, intuitive, secure and easy-to-use content management system that is powered by the Cloud and specially designed to meet the needs and concerns of the healthcare industry.

With the cloud-based technology, ProInteract can be accessed by your field sales reps and showcase your digital marketing content from anywhere and anytime regardless of the network availability.

The smart collateral management platform on ProInteract, repurposes your digital marketing content to re-use readily for sustainable practice while having your interactive conversations with your prospective customers. It helps you to analyze the available content and customize around the conversation your team plans to have during their customer engagement.

Your Competitive Edge


Unique & intelligent digital content to drive your customer engagement sessions.


Your content becomes much smarter by integrating them with our rules-based engine enabling them to be accessible in the right time.


Tagging your digital marketing content with meta-keywords which enables your field sales and marketing team to search with suggestive keywords.


An efficient way of initiating smart engagement with our smart content.


Powered by predictive analytics, it recognizes your different customer journey life cycles and customizes your content for the next customer engagement.

Collateral Managment


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