Enterprise Security

ProInteract is the SaaS-based customer engagement and sale enablement platform which is dedicated to enhancing innovative customer-orientated solutions across the globe.

It is deployed in various regional markets including North America, LATAM, EMEA, ANZ, ASPAC, SEA. There are about 5000 ProInteract platform solutions with enterprise security can help your organization to store and manage data on our cloud infrastructure while adhering to safety, and compliance for optimized customer engagement and solutions.

ProInteract platform is enabled to get machine data ingested from the cloud or your onsite premises for full visibility to detect malicious threats in your data-environment and infrastructure. It helps in putting thorough investigational activities which might be associated with potential security-threat incidents within one centralized view. with the highly secured enterprise security-based platform, ProInteract can respond quickly and appropriately with automated workflows during your customer engagement and sales enablement implementation. It helps in gaining contextual and automated response feed to speed up manual tasks — gaining the enhanced visibility on threat detection and accelerated responsiveness to incident investigation.

Registration Process: Users can securely log in to ProInteract using their company provided user IDs.

SSO Login: Single sign-on helps in better way logging in for efficient collaboration.

OTPS: Enables user to login using OTP which is tagged your authorized email ID.

Data Protection: Your digital marketing content is securely stored on our cloud infrastructure in adherence to the regulatory compliance.

Compliant: Your data adheres to the digital data regulatory policies and our platform ensures its integrity.

Your Competitive Edge


ProInteract enables advanced data encryption to protect your organization's sensitive data and ensures it is accessible to the authorized personnel.


ProInteract helps in securing data processing from various sources and ensure that its cloud storage is secured.


ProInteract embraces cost-effective methods of managing and protecting your organization's digital marketing collaterals, applications and ensures compliance.


Visually correlate events over time and gain insight into time relationships across events.


It helps in visually correlating events provide meaningful deep insights across your customer journey.+ users across the globe using ProInteract as an eDetailing tool for their interactive conversation with customers for better customer engagement and sales enablement strategies.



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