Privileged Access Management

Having the administrative content feature integrated with the help of cloud-based technology, your administrators gain the flexibility to access it any time and at any place. They Smart Content feature helps your administrators to manage the hi-res digital marketing content with appropriate rules-based engine for restricted access to users.

Admins can easily apply roles and permissions to manage the accessibility of their marketing collaterals. Now, your field sales team don't have to worry about what content to share or not with your customers. Appropriate flags can be applied which can help your field sales team to choose the right to share with your prospective customers.

Taxonomy: helps in transforming your customer engagement by organizing your information across various categories using relevant metadata information to simplify your conversation pathways and lead to immense return on investment.

Automated workflows: enables the design, execution, and automation of processes based on workflow rules-engine where your field sales team can perform tasks based on pre-defined business rules.

Global Sharing: helps in providing new insights into its customer's preferences, giving a head start on marketing campaigns for efficient customer engagement and collaboration.

Shareability & Ownership: Shareability feature in ProInteract refers to the way customer can collaborate with your field sales team with their feedback to benefit from business, products, and services.

Your Competitive Edge


ProInteract enables advanced data encryption to protect your organization's sensitive data and ensures it is accessible to the authorized personnel.


ProInteract helps in securing data processing from various sources and ensure that its cloud storage is secured.


ProInteract embraces cost-effective methods of managing and protecting your organization's digital marketing collaterals, applications and ensures compliance.


It helps in visually correlating events provide meaningful deep insights across your customer journey.+ users across the globe using ProInteract as an eDetailing tool for their interactive conversation with customers for better customer engagement and sales enablement strategies.

Privileged Access Management


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