Secured SSO

ProInteract platform offer SSO (Single sign-on) which is a centralized login session and user authentication service wherein your field sales and marketing team can use one login credentials to access multiple applications on a single platform. It helps in giving you authenticated access to a designated platform that enables your team to access content and applications without having to log in every time you plan to access it.

ProInteract platform with SSO feature is a great authenticated process for productivity, monitoring and managing your security control. With one security token, your ProInteract administrator can enable or disable user access to multiple applications on a single platform allowing you to reduce the risk of forgetting your passwords. ProInteract embraces as a rapid provisioning for cloud-first applications on single platform.

Your Competitive Edge


With the ability to log in once and get one-click access to all the resources they need to do their activities; your field sales team turns out to be more productive.


With SOO users will be less likely to forget passwords and as with one sign-on, your team can now have access to multiple authorized applications.


Your field sales team now will be less likely to write passwords down, repeat passwords, create simple or commonly used passwords, or revert to


Reduces Help Desk costs as users will be less likely to reach out to help desk for password resets.


Accelerates your field sales team's adoptions of external and company promoted applications and opens the gate for BYOD as there will be less intervention of network and IT monitoring physically.



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