Multi-Device Synchronization

ProInteract platform's unique feature of synchronizing content across multiple devices eases out your field sales team to be more productive to have efficient customer engagement and sale enablement. ProInteract can synchronize your digital marketing content across any device your team might be using irrespective of any mobile platform. Its push notification services help users to synchronize the content anytime on any device (Tablets or Phones or Web or desktops).

The multi-device synchronization empowers Your devices with your content. Any customization you do on your digital marketing content in a device gets synchronized on other devices as well where you have installed and registered ProInteract. This feature keeps your field sales team to be updated at any given point of time. From files to folders on any integrated CRM tool, keep your ProInteract updated with the multi-deice synchronization feature.

Your Competitive Edge


Your field sales and marketing team can be briefed up on the updates on your digital assets.


Multi-device synchronization can be initiated manually or through push notification services that automate the sync process.


The multi-device synchronization is just not on the digital assets but also of application shell (feature updates).


Keeps your devices in sync and enables effortless collaboration with offline and online digital marketing content for efficient interactive conversation with your customers.


It also enables you to synchronize your digital marketing content either full or partially with select content that you desire to use for your customer interactions.


Multi-device synchronization helps in keeping your team at a global level updated with the latest changes in content with localized messaging with uniformity.



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