Data Protection

Data is one of the vital assets that an organization has. Its compliance with regulatory authorities. ProInteract platform ensures to provide transparency in how it abides by the consent of your privacy policies, and manage the data securely to build trust and accountability. Our data protection platform helps you manage how users use the application based on their customer journeys. This authentication derived from the roles and permission-based rules-engine, empowers you to control user/group-specific content accessibility and restricted access to initiate the customer engagement.

ProInteract platform with data security, empowers your business operations and IT to collaborate with your sales and marketing team to ensure the semantic consistency, accuracy, and accountability of your organization's feature-rich master data assets which can help optimize your customer engagement and sales enablement.

Your Competitive Edge


Helps in enabling restricted accessibility to feature-rich digital marketing content according to roles and permissions assigned for a set of groups and individuals.


Helps in achieving efficiency and consistency in collecting data sets including metadata and evaluate the quality of the day to reduce redundancy and cost.


Rules-based engine define what roles and permissions need to be set for a given group or team to access feature-rich restricted content with permitted access.


Ensures to retain confidential data access as needed within the C-Suite.


Customize roles and permissions at various levels to support countless permission combinations.


Through data-driven API integration, apply data mapping to create structured data integrators and connectors.



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