Copy Approvals

ProInteract's Copy Approval enables a technical review to ensure adherence of compliance with the regulatory bodies, pharma co-vigilance and appropriate legal requirements. The information within the digital marketing content is scrutinized and validate for factual accuracy against references and compliance made with marketing authorization and executed with efficiency and a quick turnaround for all levels of applicable reviews.

ProInteract's copy approval feature eases out the process and saves time and considerably reduces cost. It supercharges your field sales team with the ability to strike in the market with the right content in right time by making your digital marketing content compliant. It helps in educating the reviewers and approvers on the consequences of missing deadlines or requesting drastic changes that can help in avoiding last minute nuances.

Your Competitive Edge


Helps in training your SLDs in managing customer inquiry to handle the safe and effective use of your products.


Eases the regulatory burden and keeps your digital marketing content compliant with the current pharmacovigilance legislation.


Enriches the viability of your products safety through surveillance through published articles, cases, and references.


Ensures to provide details of your product safety through compliance surveillance of published articles and references.


Provides a comprehensive technical review and makes it compliant with the final authorized signatories for all your digital marketing collaterals.



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