Reference Management

Reference management is often accounted to be very tedious and time-consuming, especially when it is done manually. Well written manuscripts, information, and use of previous case studies or fact sheets are fundamental for reference management. ProInteract helps in managing your products reference collaterals efficiently that your field sales team is equipped with the right reference and claims management to be available with a single tap or click.

Our reference management solution can help store any type of data, be it bibliographic information or identifiers or claims information. It is easily accessible when your field sales team is having an interactive conversation with your customers. It helps in establishing better collaboration across multiple devices and platforms.

Your ProInteract administration can easily store and track citations from various sources and uniquely tag an identifier for future references. Every piece of digital marketing content that is showcased on ProInteract can have a reference linked to it for avoiding regulatory compliance issues.

Your Competitive Edge


Authenticity while allocating a unique identifier for each of the references for your eDetailing content.


Easy to manage and quick access to organize, store and access reference data, allowing your customer engagement team to easily review.


Helps in efficiently organizing, consolidating and tagging appropriate look-up of reference data.


Provides comprehensive analytics review on compliance review and appropriate linking to your digital marketing collaterals.


Induce confidence in your administrators to use the claims and reference management process with ease.



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