Dynamic Types

Dynamic types in ProInteract admin content enables the module to have more content types. When your ProInteract administrators use different content types, you can make each of the digital marketing content types to have different fields to tag in metadata information.

Use our Dynamic Content feature to tailor your digital content, whether it be your digital assets or customizable emails, which can be shared with different customers for intuitive and interactive conversations and lead to better customer engagement and sales enablement. Tailoring your customer experiences to best meet their preferences and expectations, dynamic content helps you to customize your content for every conversation you plan to have with relevant information. You can customize your digital content for different target markets and enhance your customer engagement and sales enablement by having productive interactive conversations.

With the help of dynamic content type feature, your administrator can curate customized and interactive presentations for your field sales team and target for the right market segment to enhance the interactive conversations.

Your Competitive Edge


Absolute dynamic content across every channel and appropriate rendering for each responsive breakpoint.


Delivering uniformity in content across all mobile platforms.


Flexible and seamless dynamic content integration for analytical tracking.


It helps in reducing collaboration costs and optimizes automated workflows.



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