Automated Workflows

ProInteract's automated workflow enables the design, execution, and automation of processes based on workflow rules-engine where your field sales team can perform tasks based on pre-defined business rules. The automated workflows can ease the process flow with a simple request process or encompass several different workflows to trigger predefined business rules. ProInteract's automated workflows help en-route your field sales team to request any customization needed with your admins for analysis.

ProInteract helps in efficient customer engagement by adding value to your customer's time by fully providing them the channels of communication with automated workflows seamlessly. Automated workflows are an evolution of customer experience (CX) in fast-paced transformation services through ProInteract.It helps in providing seamless customer experience while navigating between multiple interactive conversations. It helps in analyzing and recognizing your customer journeys and your customer's preferences to identify the next best plan of action to result in productive sales and marketing.

It helps in providing self-service interactions with your customers with simplicity and efficacy. It helps in maintaining and the seamlessness and simplicity of the interactive context across your customer journey.

Your Competitive Edge


Automated workflows adhere to policy compliance.


It helps in reducing redundant approval cycles and manual handling.


It provides clear visibility with enhanced analytics for deep insights.


Improves customer satisfaction and processes.


Enhances and eases out workload management and reduces errors.



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