OpenContentâ„¢ (BYOC)

ProInteract is compatible with BYOC (Bring Your Own Content) to integrate it with your own CRM tool and still retaining your user experience with seamless content management strategy implementation. As your field sales team become more socially adept and begin to master the craft of social and remote selling by having an interactive conversation with your customers, the challenge becomes more intense to induce indigeneity for easy collateral management.

Our BYOC platform on ProInteract, as an eDetailing tool, opens the door for larger companies to bring in their own CRM Systems in order to perform their collateral management in the same manner as they are used. This helps in less SLD sessions and increases the possibility of efficient customer engagement with interactive conversations. With our Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) feature, have it as an add-on to our ProInteract CMS. Combine your custom content with our online modules, or use it to deliver your compliant based custom content and still retain the same user experience across all channels.

Your Competitive Edge


BYOC (Bring Your Own Content) provides an integration host as a native add-on solutions to manage your digital marketing assets and collaborate with your customers.


It makes ProInteract compatible to bring in any 3rd Party CRM to allowing the curation real container to host public solutions (such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud, etc.)


It also ensures to enforce security and management functionalities at the application level for user authentication, content management, and configuration management.


Capitalize on that fact, and it is the tool you need to build an exceptional digital marketing content for your field sales team.


Enabling your users to bring the content curation suite of their choice for effective sales enablement.



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